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12-14 Seater Minibus Hire

12-14 Seater Minibus Hire in Greenwich
A 12-14 seater minibus is the best choice for small groups, and even large families, to move around Greenwich. In fact, it makes more sense to opt for our Greenwich minibus hire than take your own vehicle. 
When you take your own vehicle, you are faced not just with high fuel costs, but also wear and tear of your vehicle. The cost to hire a driver, costs for parking, congestion charges, and more can add up to a pricely sum. If one among your group is driving, there is the added stress to driving under adverse traffic conditions, and the person not being able to involve with the group fully. With your vehicle, you are on your own, with regards to finding out the best routes as well. 
Our Greenwich minibus hire service is by far a better choice. We offer a fleet of superior vehicles, such as Ford Transit, which offer far superior comfort and safety features, compared to what most private vehicles deliver. We accessorise it even further, with GPS, and other gadgets, to make things more comfortable and convenient for you. All our vehicles undergo extensive maintenance and checks as well, to ensure reliability. 
We offer resourceful drivers, who know all the routes well, and take diversions, to ensure you reach your destination in double quick time. You are also supported by our dedicated customer support team, who does all follow-up and co-ordination. By hiring our vehicles, you get comprehensive service, and a complete experience, all at virtually no extra cost than what it would cost your group otherwise. 
Hundreds of customers, who have availed our minibus for hire in Greenwich service have been impressed and left glowing testimonials in praise of our services. Read through the reviews and book your minibus now. We operate round the clock, and remain the best choice for transportation from NE10 postcode district, to anywhere, for all purposes.