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Cheap and Comfortable Greenwich Minibus Hire Services 

Whenever you need a minibus hire in Greenwich, we are definitely the rental company to come to for the best fair prices. As Greenwich minibus hire, we have been in business long enough to improve our fleet and customer service ensuring excellence is met with every client we interact with. Only the best brands of vehicles make up our fleet; so if you need a Mercedes 14 seater or Ford Transit, it will be available to you in not time. 
Greenwich is a unique London District and from it only the best of stories are heard. In the early centuries it was the dwelling place for most English Aristocrats and even the Royal Family established a palace in the city. Moreover, this is the same town from which the Greenwich Meridian and Greenwich Mean Time was born. There is more to see and do, and we are offering an affordable minibus hire to make travelling easy. 
Things to Do in Greenwich 
A lot of the attractions in Greenwich are somewhat connected and you can almost see the vivid transition from ancient to modern. From the medieval palaces to the modern resorts that sprouted later, Greenwich is home to great diversity in culture, architecture and lifestyles.  
Palace of Placentia 
This is the first ever royal Palace to be erected in Greenwich and became a strong symbol of royalty in the district. Aristocrats like Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I once wined and dined here leaving behind a great deal of artifacts. Unfortunately, the Palace of Placentia was partially destroyed during the English Civil War that occurred in mid-16th century.  
The Palace was later to be renovated and made a hospital for naval sailors. Today it stands as a fortified structure with unrivaled architectural symmetry. Any of our minibus hire Volvos can take you there and we provide a driver on request.  
Vanbrugh Castle  
Vanbrugh Castle is located next to Greenwich Park and is open to view and explore by visitors. It was not a house of royalties but was built and dwelt in by the Vanbrugh family. From the size of the castle and precision with which it’s constructed, one can easily tell the Vanbrugh’s were a rich lot. Though it is centuries old, it still holds some of its immaculate architectural touches like the gothic arrow slits or the tapered sash windows. 
Cutty Sark 
As none revealing as its name is, the Cutty Sark was actually the last English clipper ship to survive to date. It was constructed around 1869 and made headlines as one of the fastest tea clipper ships to be constructed. Cutty Sark started off on a good note reaching speeds of 17 knots to transport to facilitate tea trade between China and Europe. However, around late 18th century, stories of corruption, mutiny and murder surrounded this ship and the headlines took a different turn. Cutty Sark survives to present day and is open to narrate its story to any willing visitor.  
National Maritime Museum 
This is the museum that brings together all history lovers who wish to learn the gory details of British’s ancient blue economy. Inside the museum are vivid counts of the famous clippers and fishing ships that sparked the growth of Greenwich’s maritime business. All the successes and failures, like the Cutty Sark story, will be narrated to you by guides who are well versed in the topic and are friendly to visitors.  
Events in Greenwich  
1) Jason Derulo Concert, The O2, Greenwich (5 Feb 2016 
2) Bob Mould Rock Concert, Brooklyn Bowl London, Greenwich (11 Feb 2016) 
3) Rudimental Funk Concert, The O2, Greenwich (3 Mar 2016) 
4) Adele Live Concert, The O2, Greenwich (15 Mar- 5 Apr 2016) 
Why Choose Us 
We provide affordable Greenwich minibus hire to tourists looking to travel together. We have mini coaches in all sizes from 8-seaters to 72-seaters. No matter how large your number is, we will find the right minibus hire in Greenwich with a professional chauffer if you need one.